This is ‘Groundhog Day’ for Spanish Parliament El Pais editor Simon Hunter tells Euronews

Thursday’s second vote on Pedro Sanchez’s investiture is “Groundhog Day” for Spanish parliament, the editor of the English edition of El Pais Simon Hunter told Euronews

Spanish lawmakers will vote for the second time in as many days but today, Sanchez only needs a simple majority to be reconfirmed as Prime Minister.

Pedro Sanchez failed to win an absolute majority when the first vote took place on Tuesday and has been locked in talks with the far-left Podemos party since then.

Many believe that negotiations between the Socialists and Podemos will go down to the wire.

If Sanchez loses Thursday’s vote, Spain could face its fourth election in as many years, unless he makes fresh attempts to be backed by parliament in September.

If not, a general election is earmarked for November.

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