The great indoors: One family’s creative solution to cope with coronavirus lockdown

As schools and kindergartens are closed across Europe due to lockdowns to prevent coronavirus, many parents have been forced to navigate staying at home with their kids while trying to work remotely.

It can prove to be a stressful experience, not only for parents but also for their children who often are confused about the new routines and miss their friends at school.

But one family has found a way to travel from home, turning a fun idea into a project and photo album.

Euronews journalist and editor Rodrigo Barbosa and his partner Mathilde Monges are creating new travel adventures to entertain their children, 6-year-old Salome and 3-year-old Pablo.

On the first day of lockdown, the kids wanted to dress up as if they were going to the swimming pool.

We found it funny, Rodrigo says. Mathilde took a quick snapshot of the scene with her phone.

The next day the kids wanted to keep playing, so Mathilde decided to set up a scene from a Corsica guide book that included laying things out like they were on the beach.

The family had planned to go there on holiday, but had to cancel due to the pandemic.

Rodrigo posted the first pictures of their travels on Instagram that day. Positive feedback from friends prompted them to continue re-creating different scenes and destinations, every day.

The kids are loving their new adventures, and are adding to destinations and activities on the list.

Salome enjoys posing for the photos. Her younger brother Pablo does too, though his attention span and concentration don’t last long, so the parents need to have things set up in advance, so they can quickly give him some instructions and capture the moment, before his attention moves onto something else.

But it’s not only about the photo. The kids enjoy helping to create the scenes and love to play with it afterwards, helping to give their parents some free time.

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