Passengers rip cruise line for missed stops and sewage woes

Furious passengers disembarked a cruise ship in England after a 14-day voyage, which they said was scarred by everything from missed stops to on-board sewage problems. The passengers staged mass protests before the ship docked in Southampton. In response, the cruise line offered a 25 percent credit toward a future trip. But we’re told more than 1,000 people are now planning to sue the company.

Passengers leaving the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship Friday were quick to share their anger, reports CBS News correspondent Mola Lenghi.

“There’s a lot of people that are saying never again,” one passenger said.

“Yeah, we feel like we’ve been scammed,” another said.

The cruise left from the same port in England on Sept. 27. Passengers paid prices starting around $1,200 for a 14-day trip that was supposed to include stops in Holland, Norway, Iceland and Ireland.

“We don’t want to be on the ship! We want off the ship!” angry passengers yelled.

But problems mounted quickly. After what Norwegian called “severe weather conditions,” the ship canceled several planned destinations – within the guidelines of its guest contract – leaving irate passengers stuck on board for days.

“The toilet just does not flush,” a passenger said.

Katasha Jones and her boyfriend left the cruise early amid additional concerns over broken plumbing. She said the hallways smelled like sewage, and Norwegian’s response left a bad taste.

“A refund would be nice but… a discount to spend more money with them is really just not going to cut it for people,” Jones said.

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