Could Spain be heading towards another general election?

Could Spain be heading towards a fourth general election in as many years?

It is possible, if a parliamentary vote next week rejects Pedro Sanchez as the country’s premier.

This comes after the far left Podemos party, the Socialist party’s most natural ally, voted to back him, but only if the they are given key roles in his future cabinet.

Podemos consulted its members on Thursday on whether the party should demand that top officials be part of government as a condition for supporting Sanchez in the parliamentary vote. That was backed by 70% of the party’s supporters who took part in an internal vote.

But Sanchez has ruled out giving Podemos Secretary General Pablo Iglesias Turrión a cabinet position, citing policy differences. These comments angered Podemos members.

Sanchez has only been the country’s leader in an acting capacity since April after failing to win a majority in the Spanish general election.

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