Boris Johnson: How has the UK media reacted to a former journalist appointed as soon-to-be PM?

Boris Johnson has been elected as head of the UK’s ruling Conservative Party, meaning he is set to become prime minister once outgoing leader Theresa May formally resigns later on Wednesday.

The 55-year-old former journalist is facing a challenging period as soon as he steps into the role with the looming Brexit deadline approaching at the end of October — something EU figures have quickly reminded him.

But how has the UK media responded to the appointment of its former colleague on this morning’s front pages?

The Daily Mirror

“Boris Johnson, prime minister: It’s really not funny any more…”

Daily Express

“Hang on to your hats…here comes Boris!”

The Guardian

“An ambition is fulfilled. But what next for Britain?”

The Daily Telegraph

“I’m the dude*.”

The Sun

“Naa naa naa na-na-na-naaa, Hey Dude” (reference to The Beatles’ Hey Jude).

Scottish Sun

“Uh-oh, it’s Bozz Lightyear: To insanity, and beyond” (reference to catchphrase from Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear).


“Meet the new dude* at No.10…Don’t panic!”

The Times

“Johnson goes to work.”

Daily Mail

“EU talks looming. Rebel MPs plotting. But after Boris wins landslide vote with a burst of optimism on the day Britain baked, a Brexit-weary nation’s cry is…now bring us sunshine.”

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